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25-27 April 2015 Current Affairs Quiz

1. A massive earthquake with...........magnitude left Nepal devastated on 25 April.
a) 5.9
b) 6.9
c) 7.9
d) 8.9
Ans: - C

2. World Malaria Day was observed across the world on....................with the theme to defeat malaria.
a) 22 April
b) 23 April
c) 24 April
d) 25 April
Ans: - D

3. Union Government has allowed Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation to invest............% of its corpus in Exchange Traded Funds.
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
Ans: - C

4. Russia and........................has signed a series of agreements on economic & energy co-operation.
a) China
b) Norway
c) Spain
d) Argentina
Ans: - D

5. Which among the following bank will offer special 9% rate on 900 days deposit?
a) Lakshmi Vilas Bank
b) Haryana Nivas Bank
c) Chhatisgarh Sanchay Bank
d) Bihar Kshetriya Bank
Ans: - A

6. The Union Cabinet approved Central Government spending of about......lakh crore on urban development.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
Ans: - A

7. IOC President....................... has been named ambassador of HeForShe by UN Women.
a) Tessy Thomas
b) Betsy John
c)Thomas Bach
d) Nancie Powell
Ans: - C

8. Who among the following has been elected  as first women CEO and Chairman of KPMG company?
a)  Lara Doughtie
b) Lynne Doughtie
c) Richie Doughtie
d) Nancy Doughtie
Ans: - B

9. Union Cabinet has approved agreement between India and..................on maritime transport.
a) Doha
b) Jordan
c) Iran
d) UAE
Ans: - B

10.  Who among the following has been nominated for Arjuna award by BCCI?
a) Rohit Sharma
b) Suresh Raina
c) Virat Kohli
d) MS Dhoni
Ans: - A

11. The government has raised the limit of foreign direct pension sector to line with the FDI capital in the insurance sector.
a) 49 %
b) 50 %
c) 62 %
d) 75 %
Ans: - A

12. Which bank has won the Asian Banker achievement award 2015?
a) Bharatiya Mahila Bank
b) Bank of Baroda
c) Punjab National Bank
d) UCO Bank
Ans: - A

13. ......................... and New India Assurance Company Ltd has signed a MoU on Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana.
a) Corporation Bank
b) Bhartiya Mahila Bank
c) SBI
d) BOB
Ans: - A

14. Which party has won the Kolkata Municipal Corporation?
a) BJP
b) Trinamool Congress
c) Congress
d) AAP
Ans: - B

15. Chennai-born....................... has become New York’s first Indian-American woman judge.
a) Raja Rajeswari
b) Roopa Rajeswari
c) Rajvijay Rajeswari
d) Rani Rajeswari
Ans: - A

16. UN recently observed World Book and Copyright Day across the world on..................April.
a) 23
b) 24
c) 25
d) 26
Ans: - A

17. Indo-French Naval exercise VARUNA has commenced in  which city?
a) Goa
b) Odisha
c) Tiruvanathpuram
d) Hyderabad
Ans: - A

18.   Who among the following has resigned as CFO & ED of United Spirits Limited?
a) Hathai Ananthasubramanian Murali
b) Pathai Ananthasubramanian Murali
c) Kathai Ananthasubramanian Murali
d) Mathai Ananthasubramanian Murali
Ans: - B
19. Which among the following company has acquired iGATE for $4 billion?
a) Capgemini
b) Wipro
c) TCS
d) Cognizant
Ans: - A

20. Business leader..........................has acquired a stake in Chinese handset maker Xiaomi.
a) Laxmi Mittal
b) Ratan Tata
c) Mukesh Ambani
d) Aziz Premji
Ans: - B

21.  Who among the following actor has been conferred with Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Award 2015?
a) Jackie Shroff
b) Akshay Kumar
c) Anil Kapoor
d) Govinda
Ans: - C

22. Which among the following state has announced Rs 1,092 crore farmer compensation?
a) Bihar
b) Punjab
c) Maharashtra
d) Haryana
Ans: - A

23. Which state has collaborated with Israel to cooperate in building smart cities?
a) Bihar
b) Punjab
c) Maharashtra
d) Haryana
Ans: - D

24. Who among the following has been appointed as Finance Head by United Spirits?
a) Vinod Rao
b) P A Murali
c) Rakibul Hussain
d) V Ramachandran
Ans: - A

25. Who among the following indian-origin scientist at MIT has grabbed the 2015 Heinz Award?
a) Sita Bhatia
b) Sneha Bhatia
c) Seema Bhatia
d) Sangeeta Bhatia
Ans: - D

26. Who among the following has been awarded with the Outstanding Service Award for his services in Singapore?
a) Aziz Premji
b) Mukesh Ambani
c) Gopinath Pillai
d) Ratan Tata
Ans: - C

27. ...................tower of Nepal got collapsed after earthquake of magnitude 7.9 struck in Nepal.
a) Marudhara
b) Dharahara
c) Bharara
d) Tirkhara
Ans: - B

28. Union Government has detected a whopping over Rs................crore of illegal monies within the country and abroad during 2013-14.
a) 5,800
b) 6,800
c) 7,800
d) 8,800
Ans: - C

29.  Capgemini has acquired which company for $4 billion?
a) iGATE
b) HSBC Bank
c) Wipro
d) IBM
Ans: - A

30. Capgemini has acquired iGATE for...............billion.
a) $1
b) $2
c) $3
d) $4
Ans: - D

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