List of Important Dates – National & International


List of Important Dates – National & International

9th January   –   Pravasi Bhartiya Divas ( NRI Day)
10th January   –   World Hindi Day/ World Laughter Day
12th January   –   National Youth Day (Birth Day of Swami Vivekanand)
15th January   –   Army Day
18th January   –   National Immunization Day (Polio Day)
23rd January   –   118th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose /  National Day of Patriotism
24th January   –   National Girl Child Day
25th January   –   National Voters Day
26th January   –   India’s Republic Day/ International Customs day
27th January   –   International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the  Victims of the Holocaust
28th January   –   Birth Anniversary Lala Lajpat Rai
30th January   –   Death Anniversary Mahatma Gandhi  (Martyrs’ / Sarvodaya Day)
30th January   –   World Leprosy Eradication Day

1st Feb   –   Indian Coast Guard Day
2nd Feb   –   World Wetland Day
4th Feb   –   World Cancer Day
6th Feb   –   International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
10th Feb   –   National Deworming Day
13th Feb   –   World Radio Day
20th Feb   –   World Day of Social Justice
21st Feb  –   International Mother Language Day
24th Feb   –   Central Excise Day
28th Feb   –   National Science Day

1st March  –   Zero Discrimination Day
3rd March   –   World Wildlife Day, National Defence Day 

4th March   –   National Security Day (Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas), World Day of Fight Against Sexual Exploitation.
8th March   –   International Women’s Day
10th March   –   Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Raising Day
12th March   –   World Kidney Day
13th March   –   World Rotaract Day
14th March   –   Pi Day
15th March   –   World Consumer Rights Day
18th March   –   Ordnance Factories’ Day
20th March   –   World Sparrow Day, International Day of Happiness
21st March   –   International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
21st March   –   World Poetry Day, International Day of Nowruz
21st March   –   International Day of Forests, World Down Syndrome Day
22nd March   –   World Water Day
23rd March   –   World Meteorological Day
24th March   –   World Tuberculosis Day
25th March   –   International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
27th March   –   World Theatre Day
28th March   –   Earth Hour


2nd April  –   World Autism Awareness Day
4th April  –   International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine  Action
6th April  –   International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
7th April  –   World Health Day
11th April   –   National Safe Motherhood Day 2015
12th April   –   International Day of Human Space Flight
17th April   –   World Hemophilia Day
18th April   –   World Heritage Day
21st April   –   National Civil Services Day
22nd March   –   World Earth Day
23rd April  –   World Book and Copyright Day, English Language Day
24th April  –   National Panchayati Day
25th April   –   World Malaria Day
26th April  –   World Intellectual Property Day (World IP Day)
28th April  –   World Day for Safety and Health at Work
29th April   –   World Dance Day, Day of Remembrance for all Victims  of Chemical Warfare
30th April  –   International Jazz Day


1st May   –   International Labour Day
3rd May   –   World Press Freedom Day, International Sun Day,  International Energy Day

May 04   –   Coal Miners Day(Intl.), International Firefighters’ Day 1st Tuesday of May   –   World Asthma Day takes place each year on the first  Tuesday in May.  1st Sunday of May   –   World Laughter Day
May 05   –   World Athletics Day, World Midwives Day
May 06   –   World No Diet Day
May 08   –   World Red Cross Day, Remembrance and Reconciliation for  Lost Lives of Second World War
May 09   –   World Thalassaemia Day
May 10   –   International Migratory Bird Day
May 11   –   National technology day
May 12   –   International Nurses Day
May 13   –   International Criminal Court Day
May 15   –   International Day of the Families
May 17   –   World Tele-communication and Information Society Day,  Wold AIDS Vaccination day, World Hypertension Day,  International day against Homophobia and Transphobia
May 18   –   World Museum Day
May 20   –   World Meteorology Day
May 21   –   National Anti Terrorism Day, National Day for Cultural  Development
May 22   –   International Day for Biological Diversity
May 24   –   Commonwealth Day
May 25   –   World Missing Childrens day
May 29   –   International Day of Peacekeepers
May 31   –   World Anti Tobacco Day


June 1   –   World Milk Day
June 4   –   World Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
June 5   –   World Environment Day
June 8   –   World Brain Tumor Day, World Oceans Day
June 12   –   World Day Against Child Labor
June 14   –   World Blood Donor Day
June 15   –   World elder abuse awareness day  3rd Sunday of June   –   World Father’s Day
June 16   –   International Integration Day
June 18  –   International Picnic Day
June 20   –   World Refugee Day
June 21   –   World Music Day
June 23   –   International Olympic Day, United Nations Public Service  Day, International Widows Day
June 26   –   International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking,  International Day in support of Victims of torture


July 1   –   International Joke Day, World Doctor’s Day
July 2   –   World Sports Journalists Day, World UFO day 1st Saturday of July   –   International Day of Cooperatives

July 06   –   World Zoonoses Day
July 07   –   World Chocolate Day
July 11   –   World Population Day
July 12   –   International Malala Day
July 18   –   International Nelson Mandela Day
July 26   –   Kargil Vijay Diwas or Kargil Memorial Day or Kargil Victory  Day
July 28   –   World Nature Conservation Day, World Hepatitis Day
July 29   –   International Tiger Day


First Sunday in August   –   International Friendship Day
August 6   –   Hiroshima Day, Anti Nuclear Day
August 8   –   World Senior Citizen Day
August 9   –   Nagasaki Day, International Day of the World’s Indigenous  People, Quit India Day
August 12   –   International Youth Day
August 13   –   International Left Handers Day
August 14   –   Pakistan’s Independence Day
August 15   –   India’s Independence Day, International Mourning Day
August 19   –   World Humanitarian Day, World Photography Day
August 20   –   National Sadbhavna Divas or Birthday of Rajiv gandhi,  World Mosquito Day, Indain Akshay Urja Diwas
August 21   –   National Senior Citizen Day
August 23   –   International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade  and Its Abolition
August 29   –   National Sports Day or Dhyanchand’s Birthday
August 30   –   International day of the victims of enforced Disappearances


September 2   –   World Coconut Day
September 5   –   National Teacher’s Day or Dr. Radhakrishanan’s Birth Day,  Sanskrit Day
September 7   –   World Forgiveness Day
September 8   –   World Literacy Day
September 10   –   World Anti-Suicide Day
September 14   –   Hindi Diwas or Hindi Day, World First Aid Day
September 15   –   International Day of Democracy, International Engineer’s Day
September 16   –   World Ozone Day
September 20   –   RPF Foundation day
September 21   –   World Peace Day or International day for Peace and  Non-violence (UN), World Alzheimer’s Day
September 22   –   World Cancer Free Day or Rose Day
September 23   –   International Day of the Deaf
September 26   –   World Contraception Day,
September 27   –   World Tourism Day
September 28   –   World Rabies Day
September 29   –   World Heart Day 

1st Monday of October   –   World Habitat Day
October 1   –   World Vegetarian Day, International Day of the older/Elderly
October 2   –   Gandhi Jayanti, International Day of Non-Violence
October 3   –   World Nature Day
October 4   –   World Animal Day
October 5   –   World Teacher’s Day
October 6   –   World Wildlife Day
October 8   –   Indian Air Force Day
October 9   –   World Postal or Post-office Day
October 10   –   World Mental Health Day, National Post-office Day
October 11   –   International Day of the Girl Child
2nd Thursday of October   –   World Sight Day
October 12   –   World Arthritis Day
October 13   –   International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
October 14   –   World Standards Day
October 15   –   Global Hand Washing Day, International Day of Rural  Women, World White Cane Safety Day
October 16   –   World Food Day
October 17   –   International Poverty Day for it’s Eradication
October 20   –   World Osteoporosis Day,World Statistics Day, National  Solidarity day
October 24   –   UN Day, World Development Information Day,  World Polio Day
October 27   –   World day for Audio Visual Heritage
October 28   –   International Animation Day
October 31   –   World Savings Day or World Thrift day, Halloween Day


November 1   –   World Vegan Day
November 6   –   International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the
Environment in War and Armed Conflict
November 7   –   Infant Protection Day, World Cancer Awareness Day
November 8   –   World Radiology Day
November 9   –   World Legal Service Day
November 10   –   World Science day for Peace and Development,  Public Transport Day
November 11   –   National Education Day
November 12   –   World Pneumonia Day, Public Service Broadcasting Day
November 13   –   World Kindness Day
November 14   –   Children’s Day(India), World Diabetes Day
November 16   –   International Day for Endurance or Tolerance
November 17   –   International Students Day, Gurunanak Dev’s Birth
Anniversary,  National eplilepsy day
November 19   –   World Toilet Day, International Men’s Day, National Integration Day
November 20   –   Universal Children’s Day
3rd Sunday of November   –   World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

3rd Thursday of November   –   World Philosophy Day
November 21   –   World Fisheries Day, World Hello Day, World Television Day
November 25   –   International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against  Women, World Non-Veg day
November 26   –   National Law Day or National constitution Day
November 30   –   National Flag Day


December 1   –   World AIDS Day
December 2   –   World Computer Literacy Day, International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
December 3   –   International Day of People with Disability or World Disability Day
December 4   –   Indian Navy Day
December 5   –   International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
December 7   –   International Civil Aviation Day, Indian Armed Force Flag  Day
December 9   –   The International Anti-Corruption Day
December 10   –   World Human Rights Day,International Children’s Day of  Broadcasting
December 11   –   International Mountain Day, UNICEF Day
December 14   –   National Energy Conservation Day(India)
December 16   –   Vijay Diwas
December 18   –   International Migrants Day, National Minority Rights Day
December 19   –   Goa’s Libration Day
December 20   –   International Human Solidarity Day
December 23   –   National Farmer’s Day or Kisan Diwas
December 25   –   Good Governance day


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