13-15 April 2015 Current Affairs Quiz

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1. Maharashtra government has officially scrapped........reservation for Muslims in educational institutions.
a) 2 %
b) 3 %
c) 4 %
d) 5 %
Ans: - D

2. Who among the following has acquired cloud-based data firm MaplePOS?
a) Just Dial
b) eBay
c) Zomato
d) Quikr
Ans: - C

3. Union Ministry of Home Affairs has renamed Tourist Visa on Arrival-Electronic Travel Authorization scheme to...................
a) Public Tourist Visa
b) Online Tourist Visa
c) E-Tourist Visa
d) Easy Tourist Visa
Ans: - C

4.  Recently..........................Nobel laureate Guenter Grass died.
a) Spanish
b) German
c) Dutch
d) American
Ans: - B

5. Sania Mirza created history and becaome the first Indian female tennis player to achieve the world number one rank in doubles by defeating which pair?
a) Casey Dellacqua and Martina Hingis
b) Darija Jurak and Martina Hingis
c) Casey Dellacqua and Darija Jurak
d) Casey Dellacqua and Serena Williams
Ans: - C

6. Who among the following has been sworn in as first lady judge of Sikkim High Court?
a) Meenakshi Madan Rai
b) Sonakshi Madan Rai
c) Enaakshi Madan Rai
d) Saakshi Madan Rai
Ans: - A

7. Sania Mirza created history by becoming the first Indian female tennis player to achieve the world number one rank in doubles with whom?
a) Ankita Bhambri
b) Martina Hingis
c) Casey Dellacqua
d) Darija Jurak
Ans: - B
8. Who among the following has been elected as member of Laureus Sports Academy?
a) Rahul Dravid
b) Sachin Tendulkar
c) Virendra Sehwag
d) VVS Laxman
Ans: - B

9.  Who among the following has been honoured with the 'Champions of Change' award by Barack Obama?
a) Hillary Clinton
b) Anjali Sharma
c) Priya Desai
d) Satya Nadella
Ans: - D

10. Celebrated Assamese Filmmaker passed away recently. Name him.
a) Bijoy Chakraborty
b) Bimal Chakraborty
c) Binay Chakraborty
d) Bidyut Chakrabort by
Ans: - D

11. India's wholesale price index based inflation (WPI) stood at ........ % for March.
a) -2.33
b) 2.33
c) -3.33
d) 3.33
Ans: - A

12. Which state government had decided to give cabinet minister status to Baba Ramdev?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Haryana
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Madhya Pradesh
Ans: - B

13. Union Government forms task force under the chairmanship of ...................... to expedite work on inter-linking of rivers.
a) A N Navalawala
b) B N Navalawala
c)  H N Navalawala
d) M N Navalawala
Ans: - B

14. India and...................have signed a series of agreements and promises to send uranium to the South Asian nation.
a) UAE
b) Iran
c) Canada
d) Germany
Ans: - C

15.  Who among the following is the winner of this year’s reader poll for TIME Person of the Year?
a) Narendra Modi
b) Xi Jinping
c) Barack Obama
d) Malala Yusufzai
Ans: - A

16. Which company has regained its status as the most profitable Indian company after posting an 8.5 per cent rise for the March quarter?
a) Reliance Industries
b) TCS
c) Cognizant
d) Infosys
Ans: - A

17. UN peace envoy to Yemen........................has resigned after losing support from Gulf countries.
a) Jamal Benomar
b) Kamal Benomar
c) Malal Benomar
d) Akbar Benomar
Ans: - A

18.  As per Moody's analysis, India will grow at.................in 2015.
a)  5.5 %
b)  6.5 %
c)  7.5 %
d)  8.5 %
Ans: - C

19. Recently Ri Su Yong visited India. He is Foreign Minkster of which country?
a) South Korea
b)  North Korea
c) Japan
d) Malaysia
Ans: - B

20. Reserve Bank of India has agreed for a USD 1.5 billion currency swap agreement with which country's central bank to help its currency stable?
a) Nepal
b) Sri Lanka
c) Japan
d) Russia
Ans: - B

21. US Internet company Yahoo is shutting down its presence in which of the following country?
a) China
b) Sri Lanka
c) Japan
d) Russia
Ans: - A

22. MoU has been inked between..................and Russian firm INTMA to set up power plant in Kazakhstan.
c) BEL
Ans: - D

23. Leaders of....................Janata Parivar parties announced their decision to merge into one larger party.  Mulayam Singh Yadav will the head new party
a) Three
b) Four
c) Five  
d) Six
Ans: - D

24. Agni..............missile has been test-fired successfully.
a) I
b) II
c) III
d) IV
Ans: - C

25. Who among the following will head new party Janta Parivar which will merge into one larger party?
a)  Lalu Yadav
b)  Mulayam Singh Yadav
c) Sharad Yadav
d) Neetish Kumar
Ans: - B

26. Meenakshi Madan Rai has been sworn in as first lady judge of.................. High Court.
a) Nagaland
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Sikkim
d) Manipur
Ans: - C

27. Asia Cup 2016 will be played in which among the following format?
a) T-10 format
b) T-20 format
c) 50-over game
d) Test Cricket format
Ans: - B

28. Novelist Akhil Sharma has won the Folio Prize 2015 for which novel?
a) Lifeless
b) Incredible Beliefs
c) Meet My  Bro
d) Family Life
Ans: - D

29. Celebrated ..................... Filmmaker Bidyut Chakraborty passed away recently.
a) Bengali
b) Assamese
c) UP
d) Bihari
Ans: - B

30. Celebrated Assamese..................... Bidyut Chakraborty passed away recently.
a) Actor
b) Singer
c) Filmmaker
d) Author
Ans: - C

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