10-12 January 2015 Current Affairs Quiz

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1.  Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has been named as the Brand Ambassador of..........................health sector.
a) Gujarat
b) Maharashtra
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Karnataka
Ans: - C

2. Recently an American country music singer who was famous for his funny innovative songs passed away. Name him.
a) James Cecil Dickens
b) Jones Cecil Dickens
c) Joe Cecil Dickens
d) Jimmy Cecil Dickens
Ans: - A

3.  Recently Senior Scientist and former Chairman of  ISRO passed away. Name him.
a) U. R. Rao
b) Pramod Kale
c) E. V. Chitnis
d) Vasant Ranchhod Gowarikar
Ans: - D

4.  Central government has approved the largest ever auction of Second Generation telecom spectrum to obtain...................rupees from the sale.
a) 34840 crore
b) 44840 crore
c) 54840 crore
d) 64840 crore

Ans: - D

5. Recently former office bearer of the Mumbai Cricket Association died. Name him.
a) Ramesh Kosambia
b) Vasant Ranchhod Gowarikar
c) Pramod Kale
d) Somesh Sharma
Ans: - A

6.  Who among the following has snatched National Sub-Junior Billiards title during the BRC Gloster National Billiards & Snooker Championship 2015?
a) Suraj Rathi
b) Hritik Jain
c) S Shrikrishna
d) Ishpreet Singh Chadha
Ans: - D

7. Who among the following was elected as the Speaker of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly?
a) Stephen Marandi
b) Baagun Sumbrai
c) Inder Singh Namadhari
d) Dr. Dinesh Oraon
Ans: - D

8.  Pakistan restricted the movement of............bus services on New Delhi – Lahore and Amritsar-Lahore-Nankana Sahib route up to Wagah border.
a) Sahyog
b) Mitra
c) Dosti
d) Bhaichaara
Ans: - C

9.  The 102nd Indian Science Congress was held in which city?
a) Jammu
b) Mumbai
c) Delhi
d) Ahmedabad
Ans: - B

10. Who among the following has snatched the ATP World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi ?
a) Andy Murray
b) Novak Djokovic
c) Rafael Nadal
d) Stanislas Wawarinka
Ans: - A

11. Former New York Governor passed away after a heart attack. Name him.
a) Maria Matthew Cuomo
b) Martha Matthew Cuomo
c) Mario Matthew Cuomo
d) Mac Matthew Cuomo
Ans: - C

12. Who among the following was elected as President of the Indian Newspaper Society?
a) Ravindra Kumar
b) Kiran Bhai Vadodaria
c) PV Chandran
d) Somesh Sharma

Ans: - B
13. Central government has approved broadcast of ordinance to revise the Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation Act.................
a) 1951
b) 1953
c) 1955
d) 1957
Ans: - D

14. The global financial services firm Nomura has forecasted that Indian Economy will grow.............during the financial year 2015-16.
a) 5.5 percent
b) 6.6 percent
c) 7.7 percent
d) 8.8 percent
Ans: - A

15.  Who among the following has been appointed as the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Heavy Engineering Corporation?
a) Abhishek Mukerjee
b) Ranveer Bhattacharya
c) Avijit Ghosh
d) R. Misra
Ans: - C

16. Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has allowed fertiliser firms to produce .......... % Neem-Coated Urea.
a) 50
b) 60
c) 75
d) 100
Ans: - D

17. India will host the 42nd World Bridge Championships held in which city?
a) Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Bangalore
d) Chennai
Ans: - D

18. The Asian Youth, Junior Women and Junior Men Asian weightlifting championship 2015 was held in..............
a) Malaysia
b) Dubai
c) Qatar
d) Beijing
Ans: - C

19. Which company has acquired France-based Company Mecanique Generale Langroise for almost 90 crore rupees?
a) Navbharat Forge Limited
b) Bharatiya Forge Limited
c) Hindustan Forge Limited
d) Bharat Forge Limited
Ans: - D

20. ...............Inc has acquired start-up company “Wit.ai” in an attempt to develop voice recognition.
a) Facebook
b) Google
c) WhatsApp
d) Viber
Ans: - A

21. The Reserve Bank of India has allowed the Foreign Institutional Investors to purchase up to........ % of the paid-up capital of Bajaj Corp Ltd.
a) 49
b) 50
c) 51
d) 60
Ans: - A

22. Competition Commission of India cleared PepsiCo India’s proposal to sell its bottling plants in North India to which company?
a) Vishesh Beverages
b) Priya Beverages
c) Varun Beverages
d) Rashi Beverages
Ans: - C

23. .................Internet giant Tencent Holdings Limited has launched its first online bank named “WeBank” to enhance small businesses.
a) Chinese
b) Russian
c) Italian
d) Japanese
Ans: - A

24. Who among the following was named as the Business person of the Year for 2014 by Fortune magazine?
a) Tim Cook
b) Larry Page
c) Jack Ma
d) Mark Zuckerberg
Ans: - B

25. Pakistan Parliament recently passed the ......Constitution Amendment Bill 2015 and the Pakistan Army Bill 2015.
a) 20
b) 21
c) 22
d) 23
Ans: - B

26. Indian weightlifters have bagged how many medals in the Asian Youth, Junior Women and Junior Men Asian Weightlifting Championship?
a) 12
b) 13
c) 14
d) 15
Ans: - C

27. A commemorative...............to mark the 175th birth anniversary of Tata group founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
a) Movie
b) Coin
c) Book
d) Postal Stamp
Ans: - B

28. As per AirlineRatings.com , which among the following country national airline Qantas was named as the world’s safest airline?
a) Australia
b) New Zealand
c) UK
d) Hong Kong
Ans: - A

29. Who among the following Russian has grabbed 7th Chennai International Open Grandmaster Chess title?
a) Dzhumaev Marat
b) Mozharov Mikhail
c) Popov Ivan
d) Gasanov Eldar
Ans: - C

30. Who among the following was was appointed as the President of Maharashtra Bharatiya Janata Party?
a) Raosaheb Patil Danve
b) Devendra Fadnavis
c) Pramod Kale
d) Somesh Sharma
Ans: - A

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