4-6 May 2015 Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

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1. Which among the following has been adjudged the world’s best airport for the year 2014?
a) Meenambakam International Airport
b) Dumdam International Airport
c) Indira Gandhi International Airport
d) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Ans: – C
2. Who among the following has received Golden Medal for merit in work of Spain?
a) Rafael Nadal
b) Roger Federer
c) David Ferrer
d) Andy Murray
Ans: – A
3. Who among the following has won World Welterweight Title of Boxing?
a) Manny Pacquiao
b) Floyd Mayweather Jr.
c) Manny Mayweather
d) Floyd Pacquiao
Ans: – B
4. Which bill has been sent to select committee of Rajya Sabha?
a) Real estate bill
b) Land bill
c) GST bill
d) IT bill
Ans: – A
5. Who among the following bollywood actor has finally been sentenced to five years for hit-and-run case in 2002?
a) Shahrukh khan
b) Sanjay Dutt
c) Salman Khan
d) Arbaaj Khan
Ans: – C
6. World Asthma Day 2015 was observed on.............May globally.
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
Ans: – C
7. Which among the folowing Indian Railway state girls team has clinched 5th National Hockey Championship title?
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Jharkhand
c) Bihar
d) Chhatisgarh
Ans: – A
8. The Union Cabinet has approved the 119th Constitutional Amendment Bill on Land Boundary Agreement between India and...................
a) Bhutan
b) Nepal
c) Bangladesh
d) China
Ans: – C
9. Surface-to-air short range....................... missile system has been inducted into Indian Army.
a) Vayu
b) Aasmaan
c) Akash
d) Lakshya
Ans: – C
10. The Direct tax collection have fall short by.............% in 2014-15.
a) 11
b) 12
c) 13
d) 14
Ans: – D
11. Gold imports have surged..........% to reach USD 34.32 billion in 2014-15.
a) 16.5
b) 17.5
c) 18.5
d) 19.5
Ans: – D
12. Future Group's Retail Business will Merge with.......................
a) Spencer
b) Big Bazaar
c) Relaince Fresh
d) Bharti Retail
Ans: – D
13. ......................unveiled Edu-Cloud to offer digital learning and teaching in schools and higher educational institutions in India.
a) Samsung
b) Apple
c) Microsoft
d) HCL
Ans: – C
14. NASDAQ-listed.........................is ready to handle remittances through electronic modes in India.
a) MoneyGross
b) MoneyGold
c) MoneyGram
d) MoneyControl
Ans: – C
15............................is opening up Internet.org to provide connectivity to people in developing nations to outside applications.
a) Facebook
b) Twittter
c) YouTube
d) Snapdeal
Ans: – A
16. BHEL has commissioned GVK's hydro-power project in which Indian state?
a) Uttrakhand
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) West Bengal
d) Bihar
Ans: – A
17. Who among the following has won majority in UK elections?
a) Nicola Sturgeon
b) Jim Murphy
c) Douglas Alexander
d) David Cameron
Ans: – D
18. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch 3 social security schemes related to insurance and pension in which state?
a) Uttrakhand
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) West Bengal
d) Bihar
Ans: – C
19. World Press Freedom Day was observed globally on May...........
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
Ans: – C
20. Which state government has allocated 12 crore rupees for Project Great Indian Bustard?
a) Rajasthan
b) Punjab
c) Maharashtra
d) Delhi
Ans: – A
21. Who among the following has taken over as Director General of CISF?
a) Arvind Singh
b) Surendra Ranjan
c) Arvind Ranjan
d) Surender Singh
Ans: – D
22. India and..............signed a MoU to develop a port at Chabahar.
a) Iran
b) UAE
c) Pakistan
d) Afghanistan
Ans: – A
23. The long-pending.......................was approved by Lok Sabha recently.
a) GST bill
b) CST bill
c) BST bill
d) EST bill
Ans: – A
24. The union government dhas announced..........pacts to sign between India and Germany.
a) 9
b) 10
c) 11
d) 12
Ans: – C
25. Who among the following has won the men’s singles title of Madrid Tennis Open?
a) Andy Murray
b) Rafael Nadal
c) Roger Federer
d) David Ferer
Ans: – A
26. Who among the following has announced new party as Hindustani Awam Morcha?
a) Sharad Yadav
b) Lalu Yadav
c) Neetish Kumar
d) Jitan Ram Manjhi
Ans: – D
27. For development in......................., MoUs worth Rs 24,000 crore was signed during PM Narendra Modi visit.
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Chhatisgarh
c) Bihar
d) Jharkhand
Ans: – B
28. Former...................assembly speaker Barjorji Pardiwala passed away recently.
a) Gujarat
b) Goa
c) Maharashtra
d) Delhi
Ans: – A
29. Who among the following will revive Vajpayee government's Foreign Investment Implementation Agency project?
a) Smriti Irani
b) Rajnath Singh
c) Sushma Swaraj
d) Narendra Modi
Ans: – C
30. Who among the following has been appointed as Election Commissioner?
a) Achal Kumar Jyoti
b) Chanchal Kumar Jyoti
c) Akshay Kumar Jyoti
d) Akash Kumar Jyoti
Ans: – A

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