List of banking abbreviations in pdf For SBI & IBPS exams (General Awareness )

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  EXIM bank –export and import bank of India.
  CRR –cash reserve ratio.
  NABARD –National Bank for Agriculture and Rural development.
  SLR –statutory reserve ratio.
  EDP –entrepreneurship development programme.
  SIDBI –small industries development bank of India.
  NBFC –Non banking finance companies.
  SMERA –SME rating agency of India Limited.
  RTGS – real time gross settlement.
  NEFT –National electronic funds transfer.
  CAR - capital adequacy ratio.
  NPA –non performing assets.
  KYC –know your customer
  IPO –Initial public offer.
  SEBI –securities and exchange board of India.
  MICR –magnetic ink character recognition.
  NSE –national stock exchange
  BCSBI –Banking codes and standards board of India.
  ALCO –asset liability committee.
  FCNR –foreign currency non-resident deposit accounts.
  FEDAI –Foreign exchange dealers association of India.
  ALM –asset liability management.
  IDRBT –Institute for development and research of banking technology
  YTM –yield to maturity.
  IRDA –Insurance Regulatory Development Authority.
  CIBIL –Credit Information Bureau of India Limited.
  ARCIL –is the asset reconstruction company.
  KVIC –Khadi and Village Industries Corporation.
  KCC –Kisan Credit Card.
  LAMPS –Large Sized Adivasi Multipurpose societies.
  LERMS –Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System.
  LIC –Life Insurance Corporation of India.
  MIS –Management Information System.
  RDBMS –Relational Database Management System.
  RRB –Regional Rural Bank.
  SCB –Scheduled Commercial Bank
  SHG –Self Help Group.
  SIDC –State Industrial Development Corporation.
  SJSRY –Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rozgar Yojana.
  SLRS –Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavangers.
  SSI –Small Scale Industries.
  SME –Small and Medium Industries.
  UTI –Unit Trust of India.
  WPI –Wholesale Price Index.
  LAB –Local Area Banks.
  ASBA –Applications supported Bank accounts.
  BOE –Bill of Exchange.
  CASA –Current and savings accounts
  CBLO –Collateralised Bank Lending Obligations.
  DPG –Deferred Payment Guarantee
  DPN –Demand Promissory Note.
  DRAT –Debt Recovery Appellate tribunal.
  DRI –Differential Rate of Interest
  EMI –Equated Monthly Instalments.
  EDI –Electronic Data Interchange
  DSCR –Debt Service Coverage Ratio.
  ESOP –Employee Stock Options.
  FEDAI –Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India.
  FFMC –Full Fledged Money Changers
  LIBOR –London Inter Bank Operations Rate.
  MIBOR –Mumbai Inter Bank Operations Rate.
  MCA –Ministry of Company Affairs
  NPV –Net Present Value.
  OCB –Overseas Corporate Bodies.
  POA –Power of Attorney.
  SPV –Special Purpose Vehicle.
  CARE –Credit Analysis and Research Limited.
  MCX –Multi Commodity Exchange.
  CCIL –Clearing Corporation of India Limited.
  OTCEI –Over the Counter Exchange of India.
  EFT –Electronic Funds Transfer.
  MSS –Market Stabilisation Scheme.
  ICRA –Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited.
  CRISIL –Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited.
  FOB –Free on Board.
  FFMC –Full Fledged Money Changers.
  EPS –Earnings Per Share.
  PMAC –Primary market advisory committee.
  SMAC –Secondary Market advisory committee
  SCODA –SEBI committee on disclosures and accounting standards.
  TDICI –Technology development and Information company of India Limited
  CFC –Credit capital finance corporation.
  VCF –venture capital fund
  GVCFL –Gujarat venture finance company limited
  GIIC –Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited.
  RCTFC –Risk capital and technology finance corporation Limited.
  RNBC –Residuary non banking company
  MBC –Mutual benefit company.
  MNBC –miscellaneous non banking company
  ARWIND –Assistance to rural women in non-farm development.
  NABCONS –NABARD consultancy services
  STCC –short term rural cooperative society.
  FSDC –financial stability and development council.
  PCR –Partial rupee convertibility.
  CAC –Capital account convertibility.
  IPR –Intellectual property rights.
  IFRS –International finance reporting standards.

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