25-27 June Current Affairs Quiz MCQ

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1. India was ranked……….in Global Peace Index and has wasted $340 billion due to violence

a) 142

b) 143

c) 144

d) 145

Ans: – B


2. How many banks to lead NTPC’s debut masala bond offering?

a) Three

b) Four

c) Five

d) Six

Ans: – C


3. Which among the following bank has launched a debit card equipped with improved security features?

a) Axis Bank

b) Bank of India

c) Bank of Baroda

d) Punjab National Bank

Ans: – A


4. Which district has won the UN Public Service Award 2015 for eliminating open defecation Published?

a) Barhman

b) Nadia

c) Varanasi

d) Azamgarh

Ans: – B


5. Who among the following has won bagged gold at the first leg of the Asian Athletics Grand Prix in Bangkok?

a) Inderjeet Singh

b) Jinson Johnson

c) A & B

d) Only A

Ans: – C


6. Who among the following has broke into top 10 of ODI bowlers’ rankings?

a) Shikhar Dhawan

b) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

c) Suresh Raina

d) R Ashwin

Ans: – D


7. The emerging market……..nations will have their own development bank by 2015.





Ans: – B


8. A ranking of destinations for attractiveness to foreign investors has placed………..at the top among 110 countries.

a) China

b) U.S.

c) Hong Kong

d) India

Ans: – D


9. Government is likely to infuse additional USD……..billion in public sector banks this fiscal over and above in the Budget.

a) 1.8

b) 2.8

c) 3.8

d) 4.8

Ans: - A

10. Union Government has launched………………..Mobile Application and Web Portal to aid flagship mission to Clean Ganga.

a) Swarn Ganga

b) Bhuvan Ganga

c) Son Ganga

d) Swachch Ganga

Ans: – B


11. Who among the following has been appointed as Kerala's brand ambassador for Ayurveda?

a) Steffi Grass

b) Steffi Groll

c) Steffi Graf

d) Steffi Grind

Ans: – C


12. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled……….mega flagship schemes aimed at developing cities and towns as "new engines for growth”.

a) Two

b) Three

c) Four

d) Five

Ans: – B


13. The Reserve Bank of India has extended the date to exchange pre-2005 bank notes till December 31, 2015 for………..time.

a) Second

b) Third

c) Fourth

d) Fifth

Ans: – B


14. Export-Import Bank has extended …...... million to Tanzania to extend water pipeline

a) 266

b) 267

c) 268

d) 269

Ans: – C


15. India and…………have inked pacts to enhance cooperation in health sector.

a) US

b) UK

c) China

d) Russia

Ans: – A


16. Former Reserve Bank governor……………….has been appointed as the non-executive director to the board the Brics New Development Bank.

a) Tito Mboweni

b) Lito Mboweni

c) Kito Mboweni

d) Hito Mboweni

Ans: – A


17. ……....Securities is a subsidiary of…………Bank BSE- 0.23% has launched its mobile trading app in 11 different regional languages.

a) Axis



d) Yes

Ans: – B


18. ………………….and MUDRA Bank have signed a contract to finance new entrepreneurs and small companies.

a) Union Bank of India

b) Bank of India

c) Bank of Maharashtra

d) United Bank of India

Ans: – C


19. How many companies have been ranked in Forbes Asia’s “Best under a billion” list?

a) 10

b) 11

c) 12

d) 13

Ans: – B


20. Which among the following bank has appointed Anshula Kant as its CFO?

a) Bank of India

b) State Bank of India

c) Bank of Baroda

d) Punjab National Bank

Ans: – B


21. India has lead FDI in South Asia with……..billion investments in 2014.

a) 31

b) 32

c) 33

d) 34

Ans: – D


22. Who among the following has been appointed as new head of India region of Ericsson?

a) Paolo Coelho

b) Paolo Jolo

c) Paolo Colella

d) Paolo Riyana

Ans: – C


23………….. operationalised a mobile tower at an altitude of 16,000 feet in Eastern Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.

a) Reliance

b) Airtel

c) Vodafone


Ans: – D


24. The civil aviation ministry took a decision to have a second airport in the National Capital Region in………….

a) Revar

b) Ghevar

c) Jewar

d) Kahwar

Ans: – C


25. India is……….largest carbon emitter on earth when it comes to per capita emission accounting for 6 % of international emissions for the year 2012.

a) Second

b) Third

c) Fourth

d) Fifth

Ans: – C


26. Which country has determined to be a part of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member?

a) Australia

b) US

c) UK

d) Russia

Ans: – A


27. Which state authorities have determined to kind a Cabinet sub-committee named as Krishi Cabinet?

a) Tamilnadu

b) Kerala

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Haryana

Ans: – C


28. Who among the following has been appointed as 13th ICC President?

a) N Srinivasan

b) MM Murlidharan

c) Zaheer Abbas

d) Mustafa Kamal

Ans: – C


29. Who among the following has become the first Indian-born player to be drafted in the NBA League?

a) Pranam Singh Bhamara

b) Satnam Singh Bhamara

c) Harinam Singh Bhamara

d) Satyakam Singh Bhamara

Ans: – B


30. First phase of ……………Metro service was inaugurated by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

a) Kaithay

b) Trichur

c) Kochchi

d) Chennai

Ans: – D


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