25-27 August Current Affairs MCQ Questions

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1. ………………..Government has approved Fisheries Policy, 2015.

a) Jharkhand

b) Odisha

c) Maharashtra

d) West Bengal

Ans: – B


2. Who among the following has been assigned as additional charge of Director of Enforcement Directorate?

a) Rajan Singh

b) Karnal S Katoch

c) Karnal Singh

d) Rajan S Katoch

Ans: – C


3. Who among the following Olympic champion has been elected as President of IAAF?

a) Sherlock Maize

b) Alex Kein

c) George Cole

d) Sebastian Coe

Ans: – D


4. …………………..actor Paravoor Bharathan died recently.

a) Kannada

b) Telugu

c) Malayalam

d) Tamil

Ans: – C


5. Which among the following state government has announced City Taxi Scheme?

a) Karnataka

b) Kerala

c) Delhi

d) UP

Ans: – C


6. The White House has appointed whom as its first openly transgender staff member?

a) Raffi Freedman-Gurspan

b) Mara Keisling

c) Arnold Scaasi

d) John Nash

Ans: – A


7. …………..military has launched the largest NATO airborne drills dubbed since Cold War in Europe

a) UK

b) US

c) China

d) Japan

Ans: – B


8. Which Bollywood actor has been named an advocate for the United Nations’ campaign on gender equality?

a) Amitabh Bachchan

b) Anupam Kher

c) Naseeruddin Shah

d) Aamir Khan

Ans: – B


9. Australian government has appointed whom as ambassador to India - for education?

a) Andrew Symonds

b) Ricky Ponting

c) Adam Gilchrist

d) Brett Lee

Ans: – C


10. Who among the following has become India's first woman to play in English league football?

a) Aditi Chauhan

b) Akshara Chauhan

c) Anjali Chauhan

d) Anjana Chauhan

Ans: – A


11. Which state will make Sanskrit mandatory in government schools?

a) MP

b) UP

c) Uttarakhand

d) Himachal Pradesh

Ans: – D


12. India’s First Lady passed away. Name her.

a) Suvra Mukherjee

b) Sulochna Mukherjee

c) Sushena Mukherjee

d) Shayoni Mukherjee

Ans: – A


13. The World Photography Day was observed on August……. across the world.

a) 19

b) 20

c) 21

d) 22

Ans: – A


14. India and………………have inked MoU on cooperation in the fields of education, research and training.

a) Argentina

b) Russia

c) Austria

d) Australia

Ans: – D


15. Athletics Federation of India President…………………..was elected as one of the members of the IAAF.

a) Adille Daruwala

b) Adille Sumariwalla

c) Adille Jhunjhunwala

d) Adille Surtiwala

Ans: – B


16. Minority Ministry has launched Online Application Management System for………………scheme.

a) Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan

b) Swach Bharat

c) Nai Roshni

d) Avas Vikas Yojana

Ans: – C


17. Who among the following was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?

a) Maithripala Wickremesinghe

b) Ranil Wickremesinghe

c) Maithripala Sirisena

d) Ranil Sirisena

Ans: – B


18. Which state government has launched RISHTA project?

a) MP

b) UP

c) Uttarakhand

d) Himachal Pradesh

Ans: – D


19. Which among the following state government has approved State Capital Region Improvement of Power System scheme?

a) Jharkhand

b) Odisha

c) Maharashtra

d) West Bengal

Ans: – B


20. Which country has won their first-ever South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) under-16 title?

a) India

b) Nepal

c) Bangladesh

d) Sri Lanka

Ans: – C


21. Which state government has signed MoU with Adani Group for development of Vizhinjam Port?

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Tamil Nadu

c) Kerala

d) Karnataka

Ans: – C


22. Who among the following will steer Air India as CMD?

a) Akshay Lohani

b) Ashwani Lohani

c) Abhay Lohani

d) Ashok Lohani

Ans: – B


23. Government has approved pact between India and………………to curb black money.

a) Seychelles

b) Costa Rica

c) Indonesia

d) New Zealand

Ans: – A


24. As per Forbes, which company has been included among the world’s 100 most innovative companies?

a) Hindustan Unilever Sun Pharma Industries and TCS

b) Hindustan Unilever Sun Pharma Industries and Infosys

c) Hindustan Unilever Sun Pharma Industries and Cognizant

d) Hindustan Unilever Sun Pharma Industries and Wipro

Ans: – A


25. Video sharing portal YouTube has announced to set up a new “YouTube Space” in…………………

a) Mumbai

b) Delhi

c) Bangalore

d) Chennai

Ans: – A


26. Which state government has entered into an agreement with Future Consumer Enterprise Ltd. to modernize the public distribution system?

a) Uttarakhand

b) Sikkim

c) Punjab

d) Rajasthan

Ans: – D


27. Union government has announced to sell 10% stake in state owned…………



c) IOC


Ans: – C


28. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on………………inaugurated birth centenary celebrations of freedom fighter Rani Gaidinliu.

a) 22 August

b) 23 August

c) 24 August

d) 25 August

Ans: – C


29. Renowned historian…………………..was conferred with Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2015.

a) Babasaheb Phalke

b) Babasaheb Phadke

c) Babasaheb Sane

d) Babasaheb Purandare

Ans: – D


30. Which state Chief Minister N Rangasamy has launched the much awaited Free Laptop Scheme?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Hyderabnad

d) Puducherry

Ans: – D


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