1-3 October Current Affairs MCQ

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1. Who among the following has clinched 2015 Japanese Grand Prix title of Formula One?

a) Nino Farina

b) Jaime Alguersuari

c) Sebastian Vettel

d) Lewis Hamilton

Ans: D

2. ………………..Governor Dr. Syed Ahmad passed away.

a) Mizoram

b) Manipur

c) Arunachal Pradesh

d) Nagaland

Ans: B

3. Which among the following Indo-British van driver has been honored with Pride of Britain Award?

a) Dee Patel

b) Jee Patel

c) Lee Patel

d) Pee Patel

Ans: A

4. World Tourism Day was observed on…………..September worldwide.

a) 27

b) 28

c) 29

d) 30

Ans: A

5. …………….Defense has signed a strategic MOU with Emirates Defence Industries Company in defense sector.

a) Tata

b) Reliance

c) Mittal

d) Hindustan

Ans: B

6. Malcolm Turnbull has been sworn in as……………….’s fourth Prime Minister.

a) Malaysia

b) Austria

c) Australia

d) Tunisia

Ans: C

7. Reserve Bank of India has inked a MoU with the…………….Rastra Bank for supervisory information exchange

a) Sri Lanka

b) Bhutan

c) Nepal

d) Mauritius

Ans: C

8. Which among the following Indian ace shooter has won silver medal at Asian Air Gun Championship 2015?

a) Jitu Rai

b) Gurpreet Singh

c) Ayonika Pual

d) Abhinav Bindra

Ans: B

9. Who among the following has won gold in men’s 10 metre Air Rifle event in the Asian Air Gun Championships?

a) Sushil Kumar

b) Jitu Rai

c) Abhinav Bindra

d) Gagan Narang

Ans: C

10. Who among the following has won 2015 IBSF World Billiards Championship?

a) Pankaj Advani

b) Peter Gilchrist

c) Geet Sethi

d) Ashok Sandilya

Ans: A

11. Former…………….. Cricket team captain Brian Close died.

a) South Africa

b) West Indies

c) Sri Lanka

d) England

Ans: D

12. Who among the following has received the ‘Certificate of Recognition’ from the California legislature in US?

a) Naseeruddin Shah

b) Om Puri

c) Aamir Khan

d) Anupam Kher

Ans: D

13. Union Government has formed………………….committee to revisit civil services examination pattern.

a) B S Baswan

b) D S Baswan

c) G S Baswan

d) M S Baswan

Ans: A

14. Asian Development Bank will help in financing the increased transmission capacity of electricity link between India and…………………..

a) Bangladesh

b) Indonesia

c) Sri Lanka

d) Myanmar

Ans: A

15. PM Narendra Modi inaugurated county's first solar powered district court in which state?

a) MP

b) UP

c) Bihar

d) Jharkhand

Ans: D

16. India-………………….. joint military exercise MITRA SHAKTI 2015 has begun in Pune.

a) Myanmar

b) Japan

c) Nepal

d) Sri Lanka

Ans: D

17. Indian Navy has commissioned…………….in its contingent to showcase India’s indigenous efforts in the field of underwater warfare.

a) INS Kochi

b) INS Vikrant

c) INS Vikramaditya

d) INS Arihant

Ans: A

18. RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has surprised with the announcement of a………….bps rate cut.

a) 30

b) 40

c) 50

d) 60

Ans: C

19. Which state has been placed to top position in World Bank’s first ever ranking on the ease of doing business in India?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Maharashtra

d) Gujarat

Ans: D

20. Who among the following has has secured quota for India in the 2016 Olympic Games?

a) Narsingh Pancham Yadav

b) Sushil Kumar

c) Abhinav Bindra

d) Khali

Ans: A

21. The World Bank has promised $........ billion financial assistance to the Railways.

a) 10

b) 20

c) 30

d) 40

Ans: C

22. India has signed a 123.51 USD mn loan agreement with Asian Development Bank to upgrade tourism infrastructure and services in which state?

a) Punjab

b) Uttarakhand

c) Himachal Pradesh

d) All of the above

Ans: D

23. IFC’s Lighting India program is increasing the availability of solar lighting in……………….’s rural parts through awareness campaign, Suryoday.

a) Rajasthan

b) Haryana

c) UP

d) Bihar

Ans: A

24. Now 200 people from Sastamnada village of……….have come forward to pledge Organ donation.

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Andhra Pradesh

Ans: A

25. Union Government has appointed how many Brand Ambassadors for Digital India Programme?

a) Two

b) Three

c) Four

d) Five

Ans: C

26. The International Day of Non-Violence was observed on………October across the world.

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Ans: B

27. Who among the following has been given additional charge of CMD of SAIL?

a) Dr Aman K Pujari

b) Dr Anuj K Pujari

c) Dr Anup K Pujari

d) Dr Abhay K Pujari

Ans: C

28. INS Sahyadri has entered Da Nang port in…………….as part of its operational deployment in the South China Sea.

a) Thailand

b) Malaysia

c) Indonesia

d) Vietnam

Ans: D

29. Which state police has launched its ambitious 'e-FIR' system under the Centre-sponsored Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems project?

a) Gujarat

b) Jharkhand

c) Bihar

d) Odisha

Ans: D

30. Who among the following has been voted PGA Tour Player of the Year?

a) Jordan Spieth

b) Jordan Smith

c) Jordan Jein

d) Jordan Amman

Ans: A

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