7-9 October Current Affairs MCQ

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1. Indian Wushu team has wonas many as…….medals at Pars International Cup in Tehran.

a) 10

b) 11

c) 12

d) 13

Ans: C


2. Aditya Birla Group has announced sale of Australian copper mine for ………….. million US dollars.

a) 10.75

b) 11.75

c) 12.75

d) 13.75

Ans: A


3. CCS has cleared……………. crore rupees for Integrated Air Command & Control System .

a) 6000

b) 7000

c) 8000

d) 9000

Ans: C


4. Who among the following has been appointed as CEO of Volkswagen Group?

a) Matthias Winterkorn

b) Matthias Muller

c) Martin Winterkorn

d) Martin Muller

Ans: B


5. Which filmmaker has resigned from Oscar Selection Jury?

a) Dibakar Banerjee

b) Chaitanya Tamhane

c) Vikas Bahal

d) Rahul Rawail

Ans: D


6. Former Indian Cricketer………………….was appointed President of Cricket Association of Bengal.

a) Sachin Tendulkar

b) Rahul Dravid

c) Sourav Ganguly

d) Harbhajan Singh

Ans: C


7. Industrialist Mukesh Ambani has been named as India’s richest person for ……… consecutive year in a row in the 2015 Forbes magazine’s India rich list.

a) Sixth

b) Seventh

c) Eighth

d) Ninth

Ans: D


8. Which state has launched a Citizen Portal to launch police complaints?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) MP

d) Odisha

Ans: D


9. Amo doli programme was launched by which state government in naxal-affected Rayagada district?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) MP

d) Odisha

Ans: D


10. WADA and…………..has signed MoU on Performance Enhancing Drugs.

a) UK

b) US

c) Japan

d) China

Ans: D


11. Indian Air Force has won 2015 Baba Farid Gold Cup…………..title.

a) Kabbaddi

b) Basketball

c) Hockey

d) Football

Ans: C


12. The legend of ………………Yogi Berra died.

a) Kabbaddi

b) Baseball

c) Hockey

d) Football

Ans: B


13. Who among the following has been reinstated as president of Burkina Faso?

a) Milan Kafando

b) Michel Kafando

c) Mihindu Kafando

d) Miraj Kafando

Ans: B


14. ……………….PM Malcolm Turnbull has announced 70 million US dollar package to fight domestic violence.

a) German

b) Austrian

c) Australian

d) Hungarian

Ans: C


15. Rear Admiral……………………has taken charge as Flag Officer Submarines .

a) Sanjay Bokhare

b) SV Mahindru

c) SV Bokhare

d) Sanjay Mahindru

Ans: D


16. Indian tribal woman Permila Tirkey has won first discrimination-based Case in……………

a) UK

b) US

c) Australia

d) Afghanistan

Ans: A


17. ……………film Court has been picked as India's Official entry to 88th Oscar Awards by Oscar Selection Jury in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

a) Bengali

b) Marathi

c) Hindi

d) Kannada

Ans: A


18. West Bengal Governor KN Tripathi has got additional charge of Governor of which state?

a) Manipur

b) Tripura

c) Mizoram

d) Arunachal Pradesh

Ans: B


19. Who among the following has been elected as Bihar Cricket Association?

a) Abdul Bari Siddiqui

b) Dharampal Sinha

c) Iqbal Siddiqui

d) Azmal Sheikh

Ans: A


20. Who among the following has been appointed as the sherpa for G20 negotiations?

a) Arvind Panagariya

b) Arvind Prabhu

c) Suresh Prabhu

d) Arvind Prabhu

Ans: A

21. Who among the following has resigned as executive vice-chairman of Fortis Healthcare Limited?

a) Ravinder Mohan Singh

b) Nagender Mohan Singh

c) Maninder Mohan Singh

d) Shivinder Mohan Singh

Ans: D


22. SEBI has fined PACL Limited……...crore rupees for illegal raising of funds.

a) 5260

b) 6260

c) 7260

d) 8260

Ans: C


23. Who among the following is the youngest entrant of India's 100 Richest People in Forbes released list?

a) Sachin Bansal

b) Nikhil Sachan

c) Binny Bansal

d) DIvya Prakash Dubey

Ans: C


24. First India-……….. Strategic and Commercial Dialogue was held to ramp up bilateral economic exchange and regional security.

a) US

b) UK

c) Russia

d) Japan

Ans: A


25. The 9th Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas will be held in which place?

a) New Delhi

b) London

c) Los Angeles

d) New York

Ans: C


26. Telangana and…………….. has inked Power Supply pact to buy 1000 MW power.

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) MP

d) Chhattisgarh

Ans: D


27. Which among the following state government has decided to implement 5 sub-schemes for transgenders?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) MP

d) Odisha

Ans: D


28. Which among the following has resigned as Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen?

a) Mike Winterkorn

b) Mogh Winterkorn

c) Melissa Winterkorn

d) Martin Winterkorn

Ans: D


29. Which state government has approved Slum Policy for in situ rehabilitation of slum dwellers?

a) Haryana

b) Delhi

c) Punjab

d) Andhra Pradesh

Ans: B


30. Which state government will develop…………..as Smart City?

a) Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

b) MP, Jabalpur

c) Punjab, Chandigarh

d) Haryana, Gurgaon

Ans: D

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